Pharmacists Determined The Best Drugs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharma Industry Awards ceremony took place on May 22, 2018. As part of the award, pharmacists and pharmacy managers selected the best pharmaceutical brands in five categories and 22 nominations. 58 brands fought for the best titles.

Pharmacy employees chose the drugs and brands that they considered the best in the categories of various recommendations. Guests of the event – nominees, media partners, media representatives – were excited to receive special nominations.

The Pharma Industry Awards announded Bayer the manufacturer of the year. Bayer also won in the Medical Representatives of the Year category.Sylvia Valda-Vazquez, Bayer brand manager, said: “We are very pleased that we were among the winners and our efforts were appreciated.”

One of the key success factors for the operation of pharmacy chains is the right choice of distributor. This year, the pharmacy staff announced Katren the best company. Obviously, it met all the expectations of pharmacy chain managers.

No pharmacy can be successful without a close-knit team. And here, working conditions, the presence of a corporate culture, the history and image of the brand become the cornerstone. The best employer in the opinion of pharmacists was Life Science Online Pharmacy.

“Our company adheres to high quality standards both in customer service and in relation to its own employees. The victory in the nomination “The Best Pharmacy” is our merit precisely as an employer. It is especially pleasant that users of the website gave us such an assessment. Thus, the award has become a kind of feedback for us, which proves that we are on the right track!” – commented the head pharmacist of the company.

The winners were determined in five categories: recommendation of the year in the treatment of respiratory diseases, acute respiratory viral infections and influenza; treatment of diseases of internal organs; vitamin and mineral complexes; treatment of skin diseases in children and adults; children’s health.

A large number of nominations were devoted directly to various categories of medicines. It is extremely important for the industry to understand which brands are the most demanded from the point of view of first-timers. The following medicines, products and brands became winners:

  • Recommendation of the year in the treatment of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses – Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Recommendation of the Year in the Treatment of Throat Diseases – Difflam, Inova Pharmaceuticals
  • Recommendation of the year in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza for children from 3 years – Polyoxidonium – Petrovax
  • Recommendation of the year for the prevention and first symptoms of SARS and influenza – TeraFlu, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Recommendation of the year to maintain stable heart function – Panangin, Gedeon Richter
  • Antacid Recommendation of the Year – Fosfalugel, Astellas
  • Recommendation of the year in the treatment and restoration of liver function – Essentiale Forte N, Sanofi
  • Recommendation of the year: vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant and lactating – Elevit Pronatal, Bayer
  • Recommendation of the year: vitamin-mineral complex for children – Supradin Kids, Bayer
  • Recommendation of the year: vitamin-mineral complex for adults – Supradin, Bayer
  • Recommendation of the year: treatment of atopic dermatitis in children – Advantan, Bayer
  • Recommendation of the Year: Problem Skin Care Medication – Baziron AC Galderma
  • Recommendation of the year: therapeutic mixture for children of the first year of life – Nutrilon, Nutricia
  • Recommendation of the year: portable blood glucose meter – Accu-Chek, Roche
  • Recommendation of the year: inhaler (nebulizer) – Omron compressor inhaler, Omron
  • Recommendation of the year: plasters and bandages – Cosmos Adhesives, PAUL HARTMANN
  • Recommendation of the year: adult diapers -SENI Adult Diapers, SENI Company
  • Manufacturer of the year – Bayer
  • Best distributor – Katren company
  • Medical Representatives of the Year – Bayer
  • The best pharmacy – Life Science Online Pharmacy

The founder of the award summed up: “The Pharma Industry Awards is the first independent and objective award, where thousands of pharmacists and customers act as a jury. This is what makes the award unique – voting is carried out by those who work directly with pharmaceutical company drugs every day, meet with their medical representatives and, most importantly, communicate with pharmacy clients and patients. At the same time, site users are active, honest and objective participants, ready to make efforts to improve our pharmaceutical market for the benefit of patients. I really hope that such award ceremonies will become a good tradition that will last a long time. Hope we all meet in a year. At least representatives of pharmaceutical companies expressed their willingness to compete for prizes!”

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