Pharma Integrates 2014: Date, Place, Topics, Speakers

Pharma Integrates 2014 is a unique event bringing together leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to share their experiences and debate on relevant health care topics. The event will attract over 60 speakers and 200 senior pharmaceutical executives.


Life Sciences Index Ltd.

Date and place:

Riverbank Park Plaza, London, UK (November, 18 – 19, 2014). Accomodation is available for delegates at a discounted rate.

Topics covered:

  • Staffing the future of pharma
  • Outsourcing overview: beyond preferential pricing
  • Remodelling pharmaceutical product development
  • Closing the pharmaceutical growth gap
  • Re-igniting venture capitalism in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Generics and contract manufacturing
  • Harmonising Eh&S practices

Key speakers:

  • Kieran Murphy, President & CEO, GE Healthcare Life Sciences
  • David Brenan, Former CEO, AstraZeneca
  • Tommy Dolan, Vice president, Drug Product and Design, Worldwide Research and Development, Pfizer
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Category: Health

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