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Catalent Pharma Solutions Inc takes the leading place in providing advanced services, state-of-the-art drug delivery technologies and production solutions. This company helps science developers explore and release effective pharmaceuticals, biologics and consumer health products. This facility have arranged an integrated spectrum of technologies and opportunities. We have planned to enable a faster customer trip from product development to patient.


Asia pacific:

  • FTZ Shanghai, China;
  • Kakegawa, Japan;
  • Singapore;
  • Tokyo, Japan.


  • Anagni, Italy;
  • Aprilia (Rome), Italy;
  • Bathgate, UK;
  • Beinheim, France;
  • Bolton, UK;
  • Brussels, Belgium;
  • Cham, Switzerland;
  • Dartford, UK;
  • Eberbach, Germany;
  • Gosselies, Belgium;
  • Limoges, France;
  • Nottingham, UK;
  • Schorndorf, Germany;
  • Swindon, UK.

Latin America:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • Indaiatuba, Brazil;
  • Montevideo, Uruguay;
  • Sorocaba, Brazil.

North America:

  • Baltimore, MD, USA;
  • Bloomington, IN, USA;
  • Catonsville, MD, USA;
  • Emeryville, CA, USA;
  • Gaithersburg, MD, USA;
  • Harmans/BWI, MD, USA;
  • Houston, TX, USA;
  • Kansas City, MO, USA;
  • Madison, WI, USA;
  • Malvern, PA, USA;
  • Morrisville/RTP, NC, USA;
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA;
  • Rockville, MD, USA;
  • San Diego, CA, USA;
  • Somerset, NJ, USA, HQ;
  • St. Petersburg, FL, USA;
  • Strathroy, Ontario, Canada;
  • Winchester, KY, USA;
  • Windsor, Ontario, Canada;
  • Woodstock, IL, USA.
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