Patheon Inc Portfolio

Patheon Inc. is kind of a pharmaceutical company. The facility produces and compounds active pharmaceutical components, drugs, oral solid dose, gels, sterile, and other solutions. Patheon Inc is a global enterprise. It belongs to Biotech & Pharma industry. This company was founded in 01/11/1993. Its contact information:

  • 2100 Syntex Court Mississauga, ON L5N 7K9 Canada;
  • 1-905-821-4001.

Executive members

  • Christopher Tama “Chris”, Senior VP:Global Marketing;
  • Dr Aqeel A Fatmi, Exec VP:Global Research & Dev.

Board Members

  • Hans Peter Hasler;
  • Meenu Khindri-Patel;
  • Nicholas O Leary.
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